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Bauba Platinum Ltd listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) in September 2010. The Group is fully compliant with the equity requirements of the Mining Charter, with a 40% direct participation by the Bapedi Nation in the Bauba Platinum Project and Bauba Chrome-Ore Operation.

Bauba's primary business focus areas are:

1) The exploration, evaluation and development of the Bauba Platinum Project

The Bauba Platinum Project, a high-quality platinum group metals (PGM) prospecting project, is situated within a prime segment of the Eastern Limb of the Bushveld Igneous Complex. The Project lies in the heart of the world’s best-known platinum region, where a number of neighbouring companies are prospecting and mining platinum group elements (PGEs) successfully from the Merensky and UG2 reefs.

Bauba holds PGM prospecting rights over eight properties that extend across approximately 14 390 ha. All the Bauba properties lie within the Leolo mountain range in the Limpopo province, some 40 km northwest of the town of Steelpoort and 245 km northeast of Johannesburg. The properties are grouped into the Northern and Southern Clusters.

2) The development of the Bauba Chrome-Ore Operation

Bauba acquired the beneficial rights to the farms Moeijelyk 412KS and Waterkop 113KT. Significant income from the chromium resource on the farm Moeijelyk supports the development of the Bauba Platinum Project and further development of the Bauba Chrome-Ore Operation.

The Bauba Chrome-Ore Operation is an early, cash-positive generative project with the exploitation of the near-surface chrome resource delivering run-of-mine chrome ore to ASA. The Bauba Chrome-Ore Operation was cash positive from the first full month of production, which took place within two months from the start of the mining operations.

The cash generated from this project is used to progress the Bauba Platinum Project. This makes Bauba one of the few junior exploration companies to self-fund its short-to-medium-term exploration projects and potentially declare dividends to its shareholders.

The involvement of the Bapedi Nation as a major stakeholder and direct beneficiary of anticipated dividends further enhances Bauba’s active involvement in the local community to stimulate the economic development of the Bapedi people.


The Bauba board and management team has extensive industry knowledge in both PGM projects and Chrome mining as well as the technical and financial skills necessary to manage both the Bauba Platinum Project and the Bauba Chrome-Ore Operation from greenfields exploration to bankable feasibility study through to full mine development.